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When your weekend is so awesome that it gets extended
Screw going to work on Monday, I'm totally going to weekstend!
by rodland July 28, 2017
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Weekstend originated in Belgium.
When a group of people left the UK on a monday and came back on a Wednesday for a holiday. After getting drunk 2 consecutively nights in a row. Hungover in a waffle house they delibrated what a start of a week was called.

A weekend was the end of the week. So they asked what would the start end of a week would be called. And that's how weekstend was born.

Week + Start + End = Weekstend

Weekstend - being of the week (Monday to Wednesday)

Typically used in terms of having those day off instead of the weekend off.
How was your weekstend?

I didn't have a weekend I had a weekstend.
by achen052003 August 05, 2019
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