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An ouija board. The game played on it is a fortune-telling game that is thought to bring demonic possesion down on certain people who play it.
Ouija player 1: Aww shit, dis weegee board be givin me the creeps, yo.
Ouija player 2: F-fff-fo shizzz-le mah nizz-zz-le. *shivers*
Ouija player 3: Y'all quit being pussies and move tha damn thing!
by Mark H June 17, 2004
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Cat: we did it Joe 😭😭
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A common mis-spelling of the oujia board, it has become a widespread joke in some areas of the internet, most noteably on youtube, where a video of a different name makes fun of this typo (along with others.) Noteably, it sounds like the name of YTP Luigi/ Weegee, which may be part of its huge usage.
Person 1: "Hey, have you heard of that cool 'Weegee board' ?"

Person 2: "What? Lol, its called a Ouija board."

Person 1: "Ah, okay."
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