1. what the fuck?
2. WTF
3. code if you're in an atmosphere where swearing is not allowed
4. usually a response of disbelief and/or confusion
Wednesday Thursday Friday!! What were you thinking copying off Sue's test.

Bill,? Wednesday Thursday Fiday? I asked you to fill the paper towels 3 hours ago.

Wdenesday Thursday Friday? How the hell did Bob pass? He never even comes to class
by diddy784 July 28, 2007
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Someone cuts you off on the freeway, your children are in the car...
"Wednesday, Thursday, Friday does that guy think he's doing?"
by Trainer Girl Paula December 8, 2013
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Wednesday, Thursday, Friday!?

What did you just say?



It has the same first letters
by peoplearecrazy April 19, 2022
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Wednesday, Thursday & Friday are the most confused, distraughtly shocked, angered & vexed Days of the week, they really hate the day Tuesday and would go crazy when they hear Tuesday saying A SINGLE thing. What about that? Well, The day that comes before the first day in the group is Wednesday, and Tuesday comes before Wednesday, Wednesday hates Tuesday for some reason, and so do Thursday and Friday. The first letter of each day spells W-T-F, Wednesday-Thursday-Friday.
Tuesday: "YO GUYS WASSUP??? I just got this drip!"
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: "W-T-F bro"
Tuesday: "What?"
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: "It means both our names and What The F***."

These examples show that "Wednesday Thursday Friday" basically means WTF, because if you put the first letter of each day in one group:
Wednesday = W
Thursday = T
Friday = F
-- You Will See That It Spells Out WTF, which means what the fuck
by TesTy_DaBlockz May 18, 2023
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