strategy brought to light by mitt romney - a way of dodging difficult questions or situations you aren't prepared to address
Boss: Hey Bill, did you finish the report addressing our concern on declining revenues??
Bill: I invite you to go to my website, you'll find all the details there

Son: Mom, what's for dinner
Mom: i encourage you to go to my website, i think if you do it will become clear
by kmpistol October 22, 2012
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Learn HTML, Javascript, CSS. Then make snake game, astronaut exploration game, and website for those games. Learn how to host a static website. After this, you learn Node.js and Express. How localhost, proxies, and all related stuff works. Create your own local server and test it. Learn Make a PvP shooter, a 3d game, then start your website for these games. Finally, learn how to use Git, terminal (name varies across systems), how to host servers. Host it. You just created your website. Now, learn Mongoose (it's for our MongoDB database). Implement a signup and login system. Now, your website is fully functional.
I just learnt how to create a website.
by TheOnlyMing December 12, 2020
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This only work for certain websites in which there is a guest account present in the ftp log.
how to hack into certain websites. its simple first ya go into internet explorer (if your using netscape sorry) and click the view menu then under that menu you will see a comand that says source click it now copy all the code into a text editor of some type now edit it all ya want and write some html code that will promt you for a download every time you open it make it say something sneaky like “search program” and now for the tricky part. Get your favorite ftp program and login to the host domain as guest and send the edited site to them with the name index.html now sit back n relax and watch the fun
by badass cajun resistor II November 13, 2020
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