A spectacular individual or collective defensive effort in a game of baseball that can result in a single out, double or triple play. A term popularized on ESPN's Baseball Tonight which has a Top 5 Web Gems segment.
The Reds can always rely on Ryan Freel for a web gem or two.
by Andwele Freeman August 20, 2006
When a girl catches a load in her eye, and then blinks to create a spider-web like effect from the semen! -noun-
Hey dude, I gave my girl a nice web gem last night and now she needs glasses!
by sandflea* January 2, 2009
When a girl catches a mans spooge in her mouth when shot from a long distance, or when the spooge is caught in trick-shot fashion.
*Girl catches mans jam in her mouth when shot from 6 feet away*
Man: Damn girl, you caught that shit like Jim Edmonds! Now that's a web gem nominee!!11
by kyle!!!!111 April 10, 2006
The combining, or combination of the words "unbearably" and "terrible" to form the word "unbearable."
Whoa, that guy is awful! That guy over there is the DEFINITION of web gems.
by Ronald Stevenson June 20, 2008
Wow! Mike trout just dove and caught that ball. What a web gem!
by Baseball1102 January 5, 2023