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we're number one was claimed to be the best thing that happened in 2016, for good reason to, people made random shitposts editing and remixing the song "We're Number One" from the old show Lazy-town. generally every time the character Robbie and his clones say the word "one" the video changes in some way. This meme has evolved and taken other forms such as "Let It Grow" and "Bee Movie".

besides most memes happening for no reason, this meme was made cause the actor for the villan Robbie from the show was diagnosed with cancer and needed funding, as a reward, Stephan Stephenson, the actor, brought the people who were in the song back together , and re did the song live.
"we're number one but every "one" increases the bass by 5% each time"
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by It is Wednesday my duds April 21, 2017
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