You can interject this when using a word that sounds positive, for something that's negative, especially when evaluating the purpose of a messed-up object or when replying to something truly stupid someone told you they did.

If you do the last thing written, it's a clear sign of potential pwnage in you.
Example 1: "When you're a teen life is interesting for all the wrong reasons."

(Interesting stuff when you're a teen: Booze, drugs, what's under other people's clothes, kitten huffing etc.)

Example 2:

Moron: "I just bathed the cat and put it in the microwave to dry it. He exploded just like I thought, but his fur dried up nicely."

You: "You're incredible. For all the wrong reasons."

Example 3:

Gun nut: ..."Yeah, The Eviscerator has everything! With a good aim, you can shoot someone in his spine, blow his brains out AND make him drown in his own blood!

You: "Sure, that thing IS versatile. For all the wrong reasons..."
by werallsonsofbitches January 7, 2010