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- any person who is named Wayne that is a total asshole or goof

-the combination of the name Wayne with the word anus, describing any person named Wayne who is a asshole
"Wayne sure has been a real dick lately, he's being a total waynus!"

"Wow listen to him yell like he knows what he's talking about, what's waynus' deal?"
by Billy'z Bong Thorton November 09, 2006
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Someone names Wayne who is incredibly awesome and a great friend. Combination of Wayne and anus. It sounds funny. He's the funniest mother fucker around too.
Aww look over there, Waynus is being such a goof!

That's my Waynus!
by funnygirllllllllllllll February 04, 2013
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Waynu is a teenage boy who can't get 30 seconds alone to go on a web cam without his mother smacking him.
I wish I wasn't a Waynu.
by Possessive November 25, 2008
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Wayne's Giant penis. The waynus is able to pull off amazing stunts like the waynedanger and wayne doodle in bed. I love me some waynus.
Give me that Waynus!!!
by Boobookittyfyck1988 August 09, 2017
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