tribal group thats lives east of the ubangee tribe.
first of the official jungle bunnies..
look at that humping and jumping like they are watusi
by hunky December 12, 2006
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A very big women. Like 5'10 or taller. One with some nice size to go with the hieght. A big body Bitch.
Yo that big ass girl you were talking to is a Watusi.
by Daniel Verbal March 29, 2008
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Means the hurt, or the pain. Usually used as "put the watusi on.....". To totally jack up.

Alternatively, a kind of dance. Not usually involving pain. But often involving a nice rack.
Q: "Did you hear the uppity bitch last night?"
A: "Yeah, I'm gonna put the Watusi on that broad!"

Example: "Someone's gonna put the Watusi on Osama's ass!"

by Fat City September 23, 2006
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female breasts that resemble hanging long odd shape breast most commonly seen in National Geographic specials.
by KJ and friends December 7, 2007
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A term first invented by Cher, then popularized by Youtube. Thanks to someone with no life, you can listen to wagon wheel watusi for 10 minutes. Thanks guys.
by cheesewizzard May 30, 2011
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