Residual urine that is present on an individual after using the bathroom. Because of its sometimes sticky nature, it is attributed to being the juice of a watermelon that was supposedly recently consumed by the individual.
Person 1 is shaking hands with Person 2 who has just walked out of the bathroom.

Person 1: "Why are your hands so wet and sticky?"

Person 2: "That's just some watermelon juice from my lunch."
by DC Derailleurs July 5, 2012
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Information that is a kind of logical pathology consisting of logical conglomerates connected by logical fallacy and lies based on sentiment
by NeverAteShi July 29, 2022
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literally the most underrated type of juice you can drink
Person 1: I had some watermelon juice today
Person 2: give me some
by Art.Birb October 22, 2022
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