To tell people that you are going to great things in the future
Tom: You not gonna make it the NBA

Jerry: Watch the space
by Damion Brook February 18, 2020
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Perhaps the most annoying phrase currently used by marketing teams and YouTube influencers to convey a sense of hype and anticipation about their bullshit products or services.

Made more depressing by the realisation that there are indeed people out there, watching that space.
Peppy YouTube influence - “let’s just jump right into it guys, I’m going to be releasing some brand new mystery merch so watch this space
by Ribbertthefrog March 1, 2019
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a phrase commonly used by the king louis tomlinson
louis: might fuck around and start my own management company. watch this space

louies: sir we’d literally die for you
by king alfonzo March 11, 2021
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The act of waiting for someone to remember something.
We are watching this space until Rachel Maddow remembers that her sign-off used to be 'watch this space'.
by LostFido January 23, 2018
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