have a girl you have no respect for go down on you on her knees while you're seated. if she's like most girls, she won't want you to 'icky' in her mouth, so warn her when you're about to. and as soon as she pulls off, clamp her head between your knees, bust on her forehead, pull out a dollar bill and slap it onto the newfound adhesive. then proceed to yell "Surprise!" and walk out the door (if at her house). if at your place, simply send her on her way. so degrading.
Tim's ex-girlfriend cheated on him and tried to seduce him to coming back to her by giving him the head of his life. But he got his revenge by giving her the Washington Surprise.
by zackeus83 May 5, 2006
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When a male puts his erect penis into the mouth of an unconcious female. When she wakes up, she has a mouth full of wood. Thus the name "george washington surprise"
Dude, I gave that chick a george washington surprise after she passed out, and she didn't realize till she woke up.

The other day I woke up to a george washington surprise. I still haven't gotten the taste out of my mouth.

by Michael Giordano January 27, 2007
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For a man to put his erecet penis in the mouth of a sleeping woman. When she wakes up she then has "wood" in her mouth. Named for the belief that George Washington had wooden teeth.
"Damn, when she passed out last night, I gave her the old george washington surprise ."
by Mike Giordano April 28, 2007
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basically tea-bagging or if your Ray Toro, potato sacking
"he totally gave the George Washingtons surprise last night while I slept."
by snolaura October 11, 2009
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