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In 1932, the NFL arrived in Boston with the forming of the Redskins, but after a 1936 championship game loss, the team jumped ship for the nation's capital. In the early days in Washington, they were dominant, with titles in 1937 and 1941 and championship game apperances in 1940, 1943, and 1945. The 1940 loss was the most lopsided in NFL history at 73-0. After a decade and a half of struggles, the team returned to glory in the early 1970s with 5 playoff berths in 6 years from 1971-76. This team was made up of old veterans such as reciever Charley Taylor and quarterback Billy Klimer. Their success, however, did not translate to a Super Bowl win, as they lost in their first apperance in 1972. In the 1980s, the team was revived again under coach Joe Gibbs with 5 playoff berths and 3 Super Bowl apperances. They won the championship in 1982's Super Bowl XVII and 1987's Super Bowl XXII, while the lost a lopsided battle in 1983. They achieved 3 more playoff berths in the early 1990s and another championship in Super Bowl XXVI. However, the team struggled for many years afterward, with just one playoff berth, a 1999 division crown, between 1993-2004. In 2005, the team turned it around and returned to the postseason. The Redskins appear to have a solid core for the future.
"And although Denver scored first, it was the Washington Redskins day out their today. They win in a dominating performance to take the Super Bowl XXII victory and the Lombardi Trophy."
by Sports Info July 08, 2006
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The act of cutting a hole in variable grade(s) of sandpaper to be fit and worn around ones penis as a backboard during intercourse.
Matt gave the best Washington Redskin to Foofu last night, her knot must look like 99 Red Balloons!
by EINSTEIN-one January 03, 2013
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One HORRIBLE football team. Their offense is nothing but Clinton Portis, and their defense can't hold anybody. Their fans are in denial all the time, saying (mainly to eagles fans) that "At least WE have won a Super Bowl", but that was over 20 years ago!!! They also claim that they rule when they win, when usually, its on teams that have injured star players!
Woah did you see that washington redskins game? they got blown out 40-0 by the Eagles!
by omgomgomg monkeys October 02, 2006
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