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washington state university...
*Cougar Football Saturday!
*Greek Row!
*Number One Mascot Of The Year!
*Hottest Girls In The Pac 10!
*Pullman Is Like Disneyland!!!!!
*The Coug!
*Wayyyy Better Than University Of Washington!
*Munchyz Hot Dogs!
*Snowball Fights!
*Hott Boys!
*Basketball 06 And O7!! Yeah Bitches!
*Busch Light, Franzia, And Monarch!
*Cougar Fans!
*Martin Stadium!
*Better Than The Huskies! :)
"fight fight fight for washington state! ..."

washington state university is
by $#^#%yf June 25, 2007
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Lets start this off with the correct definition of WSU...

The biggest gathering of ass clowns on the planet. Known for its fine transmissions of sexual diseases and most recent outbreak of swine flu and their annual lawn mower races. Pullman boasts a staggering one percent of all Busch light sales in the nation, which parallels the average percentage of wins in any given sport at this embarrassing disgrace of a community college. Also known for its low acceptance standards allowing any slutty whore and white trash goon to attend. Family traditions and fond memories of grandparents, mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons all gathering at this cum dumpster of a town to finger bang each others sheep, drink shitty beer, cheer for the most pathetic excuse for a sports team there is, and have sex with their friends moms, not only passing s.t.d.'s with in each other but through the family tree.
Washington State Cougars are pieces of shit and will always be inferior to the University of Washington Huskies!
Hey all you fucks out there! Are you tired of being clean, healthy, liking a winning athletic program, not having little red dots all over your penis with white puss coming out of your dick hole and having your butt hole itching constantly, or being a functioning piece of society's puzzle?


Your time spent here will be sensational. Not only will your Russell athletic t-shirts be crimson so will be your penis from the fucked up disease you gathered from your first restroom use!

If you have a mentally challenged education obtained from a middle school you will be gladly accepted by all social groups here at WSU

Senior WSU Student (Doyle): Hey Billy lets go over and check out the fraternity life here at WSU.

Future attendee (Billy): I can't wait Doyle!!!

Doyle: Here is the common area or what we call the living room as you can see here Billy there is all kinds of events that go on here like, watching the cougars not score a single point, or throwing up the shitty booze and hungrymans our parents bought us, and laughing so hard at Brendan Frazier and Whoopi Goldberg movies such as "The Mummy", "Monkey Bone", "Sister Act 2", and "Eddie", that we poop our pants and occasionally on each other.

Billy: Oh wow Doyle this is all so great!

Doyle: Lets move on to the bedroom. See here Billy the beds you will be sleeping in are actually dripping in period blood, urine and god know's what else.

Billy: Awesome I love period blood. What's it from, I thought only guys lived here?

Doyle: They do silly, thats from the girls at WSU, they can't refrain from having sex while they are on their period so they come to the Frats in hopes of getting laid. That's how AIDS was invented Billy!

Billy: Wow, I didn't know WSU had so much history behind it.
by JJ, Chucky Finst September 16, 2009
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