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When a person attempts to pass gass, but instead mistakenly squirts liquid feeces into their underwear.

See also reverse warnecke.
Damn, this home brew really gets to me. That's the third time this week I've warnecked!
by Cap'n Howdy March 04, 2005
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A gigantic rotund man that tends to be a suckup to anyone who is his superior and will stab anyone in the back to make himself look better or get ahead. He is hated and dis-trusted by anyone who know him and is really a true weasil. He is a cherry picker and tends to borrow other people's ideas only to make them appear as his own, and his superiors are the only people that don't have him figured out. He is a disgusting human being who pays strippers for favors obviously because thats the only way he'll get any action, Realistically I bet his own wife can't even stand him. He has zero integrity and kharma is aching to catch up to him.
That rotten, no good cheat is a real Warnecke.
Look at that fat ass Warnecke, he's a joke.
by zakmah October 28, 2010
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