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Someone who persists at an activity, like sport, despite hardship and age, maybe when they should have retired or given up a long time ago.
Dean McDonald is such a warhorse on the footy field. He's always injured and broken down but does his best to get back into the game.
by redback3 March 28, 2011
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A term referring to an old, retired military man.
"I'm not a colonel anymore...I'm just a retired ol' warhorse."
-Colonel Campbell, MGS
by Dave April 01, 2004
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War Horse:
Is the act of blowing out a bathroom with the worst smelling dump you ever took and having someone walk in.
Dave was in the men's room taking a nasty smelling dump when his boss walked in and he proudly War Horsed him.
by Money V October 01, 2020
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Someone who is brave, tough, has great senses (eyesight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste), and has quick reflexes all combined into one well built, athletic body. Warhorses can also be stronger than the average person, and they can also be very sexy. Warhorses are usually lone wolves, they don't talk to people much, but when they do, they can give you a load of useful information.
Man, that guy is such a war horse! He got hit by a car and he's still walking!

Look at that amazing girl! her reflexes are so fast that she can dodge almost anything! She must be a war horse!
by TheWarHorse100 March 07, 2019
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A War horse is a man who is extremely tall and built and muscular. There like a stalion but better there sex drive is unmatchable and there dick is huge and they fuck like kings and make sure you leave pleasured and are also really good guys who acctualy care
Yo! Look at Steven that kids a stalion.
Naw look at that Josh kid now that's a war horse I wanna ride
by Big chappo October 24, 2018
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Typically bartenders married to the bar's owner and older divorced women, war horses are a special breed. They have years of experience under their belt and are always looking for more. You can recognize them by their cock-trodden faces. They still have a hot body but beware of surgery, c-sections, old boyfriend's name tattoos, and huge meat drapes
"Yo I think that war horse would definitely eat your asshole"
by Mr. FF January 08, 2007
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