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A small town located in Southern Ocean County, New Jersey. What some would call a 'shore town'. Please note, what I mean by shore town is that from memorial day weekend to labor day weekend our entire county is swormed with creepy guido kids and people who don't know how to drive who we reffer to as ''benny's'' from north jersey who are named ''vinny'' and ''tony'' with slicked back hair and orange tans...but back to what i was saying. It's only a 2 mile stretch down route 9 and if you sneeze, you may miss it. While visiting this town you may notice an over abundance of lifted pickup trucks and lack of any minorities..maybe caused by the confederate flags flying from the pickup trucks. While visiting our town please to be sure to stop by our local Wawa and Post Office, the only two attractions in this lovely little town of ours. Also located here are many adolescent boys with big egos and small muscles. They all talk tough but don't be scared, the little guys are harmless. A little tid bit of information here, Waretown's water supply also contains roughly 7% more chlorine than any other local tap water, something learned while trying to purchase a fish locally. Low tide in our town smells like a sewage dump is right off our coast and just a short jog out of town is the wold reowned Oyster Creek Power Plant...3 eyed fish sold seperately.
Waretown would be a pretty lousy vacation town.
by LovelyLittleHick May 18, 2008
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