A soldier, marine, pilot, or sailor that goes to war as a means to satisfy his/her 'addicition' to the exhilaration/adrenaline rush/strong bond with other soldiers/ killing of the world's criminals/ etc. experienced during war, be it good or bad.
' Yo, man, whyz George going back to Afghanistan, his 8 year contracts up, aint it?'

' Yea, cuz, but hes goign back cause he a war junkie, mang. He gets a high out of shooting mofos, and getting shot back at. he loves the bond between him and the other dudes he fighting with. theyre all that matterz out therez in da battlefield, mang.'

'oh, true dat.'
by Easter E December 6, 2008
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-a soldier who has been mentally fucked by war
-someone who cant lead a normal life because they have been psychologically damaged and disturbed by war

-this is what some people give for us...their lives...alot die in war and even more come back from war....but they all died from war...some physically but all of them have died mentally
-Why is dad so fucked up mom?
Well papa was in a war so now hes a war junkie.
-Hey Jim why cant you lead a normal life bro?
Well Andre....the war fucked me up forever....show a little respect you little shit ill forever be a war junkie
by Andre benson May 1, 2007
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someone addicted to Star Wars. They know every movie, comic, character, ship, event, and creature that was in the series.
Man, Bren sure is a star wars junkie!
by Zimbabwe June 14, 2004
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When a junkie accidentally wipes the soot and ash from smoking smack (H) on tinfoil across their face, resembling war paint.
Check out that bum… he’s looking like a skid row Apache with that “junkie war paint” on his face.
by McCarthy giagantadick January 8, 2022
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