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In conjunction with the wangmote during serious acts of wangmotation, wangchuking may also be employed. This requires the nunchuk attachment to be connected to the Wii Remote controller.

What is then required is for one to connect the wangchuk to one's body. There is one acceptable area, and it requires a certain familiarity and able threshhold of pain (or pleasure, if such is your thing).

Upon successful wangchuking, wangmotation takes user interfaces to a new level, allowing players to fully defeat enemies by use of only their nether regions.

Rejoice as you pop caps with naught more than a smile on your face and two free hands. Impress all your friends. And impress all your non-friends. And horrify your parents.

Is this not truly the next generation?
I have wangchuked the unholy crap out of many, many enemies. They were too frightened to successfully defend themselves.

Wangchuking - it's a humdinger of a time.
by Strell December 04, 2006
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