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1. Person: A blowjob given by a highly skilled and practiced individual that is drawn-out and agonizing.
2. Action: An act of fellatio that offers release but continues to drag out the process resulting in one gigantic, furious climax.
3. Slang: vulgar, ghetto- when a bitch get u to da point wer u finna get dat nut of but den it change up and u can't getcho nut of butt it hurt fucking good #bluballz #yolo
1. Last night my girlfriend was giving me a blowjob that felt so good but then she changed it into a walsworth. It took me an hour to get off.
2.a I came for five minutes at the end of that walsworth.

2.b There was so much cum after that walsworth it came out my girlfriend's nose.
3. ima finna slap da shit out muh hoe fore gimmia walsworth i dun drop a bluball in dat hoe mouth
by H.P._AKBAR March 10, 2013
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