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Now if you want to talk about a really fucked up isp for all you dumb fucks out there isp means internet service provider. all walmart connect is, is a shitty look alike aol program that costs about 9.95 per month but is slower than mother fucking molasses and you cant go in any fucking chat rooms except bot filled AIM rooms which arent even god damn rooms to begin with. When calling for help it is similar to AOL because you always get a fucking towelhead. Its unfuckingbelieveable that you can not get one fucking AMERICAN to help your ass out. So if you want a piece of shit ISP choose walmart connect. PS the free trial is only for 7 days, big fucking deal!
What the fuck man why the hell would an isp let you only have a week trial fuck walmart connect.
by l33th4x0r February 18, 2005
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