Originally a Trilogy of Stop Motion animation shorts by Nick Park following the Character Wallace and his Dog Gromit (named after the piece of electronic equipment: A Grommet)
Through their adventures involving a pair of mechanical trousers and a penguin, A small mischevious sheep, and trips to the moon in a homemade rocket.

Despite what you may read above, None of the episodes (including the film) are based in, or on Wensleydale, Wallace loves the cheese...That's about it.. The characters live at
62 West Wallaby Street, Wigan, Lancashire.
This is seen when Gromit collects the morning post, and the envelope shows a Wigan postcode.
Person 1: Ever seen Wallace and Gromit?
Person 2: No...Wtf's that?
Person 1: *Bitchslap's*
by Si1990 May 21, 2007
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The cartoon show based on the best dale in north yorkshire(i live there by the way note the way im bias towards wensleydale)but don't eat wensleydale cheese its evil
You know the wensleydale cheese in wensleydale ITS THE BEST DALE EVER
by bias wensleydale evil thing April 19, 2005
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