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Making a girl cum twice & not cumming yourself in space of 1 hour.(strictly penetration!!!!)
Can only be administered by a Wahlberg.
i.e. extreme pleasure
'i gave a girl a wahlgasm last nite'
by wahlberg MC October 23, 2004
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a. An Orgasm (skip to b.) The ultimate pleasurable experience where the pelvic muscles contract and relax in waves or spasms that last 30-40 seconds. This only occurs with continuous stimulation of a woman's clitoris once the excitation plateau is achieved. A woman may have multiple repetitive orgasms in rapid-fire sequence with continuous stimulation of the aroused clitoris

b. That by public belief is said to have more than a thousand more contractions, lasts up to six hours and achievies a orgasmic release of endorfence similar hormones not achieved by any known drug or narcotic. It has been rumered to be highly addictive.. Only one fabled occurance of this has ever happend.
"man that chick almost had a wahlgasm last night!"
by viva-nik November 02, 2006
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