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What A Fucking Pussy
Hey Justin look at Joe and his new gold chain.

by Justin_983732 April 05, 2014
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Winglets Are For Pussies.

A derogatory acronym used in reference to the C-17 Globemastser III cargo aircraft. The C-17 is the only US military airlifter to incorporate winglets into its design. Winglets are a drag-reducing feature that improves fuel economy at cruise speeds. The WAFP alludes to this because the C-17 has a smaller maximum range than most strategic airlifters (the C-17 cannot "go the distance"). Other strategic cargo aircraft were designed to have inherently long range. The C-17, however, requires an addition fuel tank installed into the ceiling of the cargo area to increase its range (space which could have been used for outsize cargo). Even with this modification, C-17s are incapable of the flight ranges achieved by similar strategic aircraft. Winglets were introduced into the design to increase range, if only minutely.

The C-17 also has a limited cargo capacity for a strategic mobility aircraft, both in volume and weight. This limitation is further exacerbated when the C-17 is tasked to carry passengers, which occupy valuable cargo space. These weaknesses are especially highlighted when compared to more capable aircraft, such as the massive C-5 Galaxy, which carries significantly larger cargo loads over longer distances.

The lower range, cargo capacity, and passenger capabilities of the C-17 make it a lightweight amongst the strategic airlift community, making it a "pussy". Thus, winglets are for pussy airlifters: Winglets Are For Pussies, WAFP.
I heard that it takes three C-17s to do the same job of just one C-5. WAFP.
by HeyLoad January 28, 2018
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