A military term used for a male-male-female threesome in which the woman is providing oral sex to one man and vaginal or anal sex to the other.

The term is derived from the C-5 Galaxy aircraft, which has a hinged nose in addition to the aft cargo hatch. As such, the aircraft can be loaded from the front and the rear.

For a similar act, see the Eiffel Tower.
We did a C-5 on Jill last night, she wanted to get loaded from the front and back.

Jill was doing a C-5 with Jack and me last week. We loaded her from the front and the rear.
by Buggermy August 19, 2009
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Abbreviation of "Cyber High Five". Founded on the SwiftKarateChop forums.
Person 2: C^5!
by VIVALASAM! May 28, 2009
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