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1) A city in Minnesota and a city in Florida

2) The name of a sheet manufacturing company, possibly based in one or all of those two cities.

3) Native American for "White Rabbit"

4) The online alias used by the author of this definition.

5) A nickname no one can ever reproduce correctly
1) "Hey kids, we're passing through downtown Wabasso right now, look at all them sand grains!"

2) "I purchased a bed sheet made by Wabasso Inc."

3) "Look Little Bear, at that Wabasso over there eating orange triangle sticks"

4) I found it on a typing exercise in 8th Grade. It sounds cool with an Italian accent and I didn't need to put a number in it to make it unique.

5) "o man i wuz on the forms teh other day n this Wasabi guy posted a pic of this guy n; his anus was HUGE and it was so nasty i wanted 2 vomit!11"
by ME October 30, 2003
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