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vyas of this circle is 5 metres
by dhurandhar July 07, 2003
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Vyas is a term used to describe someone who has difficulty making his mind up "to do a Vyas" The Vyas family are also celebrated in the Stretford area of Manchester for the famously answering the phone "Hello, two eight six". Legendary Bob Vyas is mainly credited for this fame.
ring ring, ring ring... Hello, two eight six.
Stop doing a Vyas.
Hello Mr. Vyas, would you like rasberry on that?
by Team Handsome (Manchester) October 21, 2004
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Hi guys, my name is Vyas so I think I will be the best person to talk about my name. Vyas (which is me) is a GAY, who likes multiple girls and boys at the same time. Vyas is a person who usually thinks that he is a great comedian but ends up making lame jokes. People with the name Vyas, usually loves to watch a lot of p**n. They usually end up having crushes on fat people and they also remain best friends with fat people. My 1 true love is a fat guy from my class and his name starts with a D. People with the name Vyas, usually meets the people they like outside a lot of times at different times of a day (at night also). Vyas's also try to talk to diff. girls but nothing works out other than getting their slippers and a beating from them. Finally they end up some disgusting boys as they cant find anyone else who is suitable.
He is soo disgusting, he must be Vyas.
via giphy
by Vyas Balajee February 18, 2019
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A high level on MSP but when people get to know them they're weird and fat.
Guy 1: "You're a Vya"
Guy 2: *beats guy one up"
by eggyalaa July 24, 2018
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A vya is a girl who loves her friends. She doesn't mind being judged, she is shy yet confident in her own world. She is always there for you and doesn't rely on the past.
"She defends me all the time, she is a total vya."
by annatour May 18, 2018
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