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a mullet up top the vagina cavity. the longer hairs normally droop across teh lips and catch the juice that falls from the twat.
her vullet was soaked with vagina cavity juice
by ScOtTy4sHiZzLe May 20, 2003
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Like the well known mullet hairstyle,known for being short and cropped on the top,and long in the ack.The vullet is a mullet on the vagina.It starts off like a landing strip,then the hair is usually longer towards the lippy area.
Kelly B. never did like the completely shaved look of her pubic hairstyle.She always thought it loked too babyish.So she decided to grow a vullet.
by BearBryant March 02, 2009
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a mullet cut but the end where the hair is long goes into a v shape
this haircut is useally cut with a 3 blade on top and a 1 blade on the sides or a 4 blade on top and a 3 blade on the sides
Jack:Tony got a new haircut
John:whats it like?
Tony:The vullet
by Irish blood Irish heart October 13, 2008
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