The strange feeling that somehow, this has never happened before..
George Carlin: Just had that... I don't know it's weird. Just had that little feeling, you ever get that funny little feeling Vuja De? No, not Deja Vu. This is Vuja De. This is the strange feeling that somehow, this has never happened before. And then it's gone..
by ElmertheAwesome November 17, 2008
Derived from deja vu, the phenomenon where an event happens and you feel that it has happened before or that you dreamed/predicted/instinctually felt it would happen.

Vuja de is the direct opposite. It's when something or somewhere that should be familiar is suddenly very different.
"I totally got vuja de when I walked into the house and mother was actually cooking with an OVEN!"
by Luckdragon February 25, 2005
This word is the reverse of Deja Vu and the opposite definition as well. The definition is to experience something that you have never even thought of before; not even in your wildest imagination.
I went on a mission trip and when I went into the ladies bathroom, there were men using the facility and there was no toilet paper, I was like, woah, what kinda Vuja De is this?
by NutriNatic May 15, 2008
Opposite of Deja Vu - something tha's not happened before.
Have you seen that before?
Nope - it's Vuja De....
by NemisisConLLC November 1, 2010
Something that has happened before that you pray, dear God, will never, ever happen again.
I just had a sense of vuja de. But I think she's really leaving this time.
by FutureofPublishing January 24, 2011
When something didn't happen but you remember it happening, the opposite of deja vu
Carol's having a bit of vuja de.
by pokemon22255 June 2, 2014
The feeling that you’ve never ever really been here before. Opposite of Vuja De.
Oh wow, this is really Vuja De! Nothing about this looks familiar.
by Multimegalo December 18, 2018