It's technically a Video Blog but everyone knows it's truly a Vagina Blog.
"Did you see that sexy Vlog on the hub last night?" asked Kyle.
"No. I don't watch porn and we are getting in divorce," said Kyle's ex-wife.
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by Where the frogs March 04, 2017
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Virtual reconstruction of the log I laid in the toilet earlier this morning.
Corn and nuts! I'm all about this vlog!
by allcoastalmost May 22, 2016
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The definition created by Goostoff is a must. This entry is to introduce the alternative of O-log. The word is easier to differentiate from blog than vlog. It uses the same naming system as blog. It uses last letter retention. Spread it, it is the write name for the wrong action.
*conversaion is on the phone*
Person1: I made anew vlog.
Person2: What did you write?
Person1: No I talked, I said vlog.
Person2: So you made a O-log?
Person1: Yah, sorry I was caught up in broken lingo.
Person2: No problem, I appreciate the warning, I'll add it to the list of O-log I will avoid.
Person1: Screw you, but *sigh* I understand.
by LethalGopher July 10, 2008
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Another word for blog. (Orignally was the word blog mispelled by hitting the V instead of the B on the keyboard. Many people kept typing it this way to be more original and recently has been catching on.)
John: Wow man, tonight was pretty crazy.

James: For real. I'm gonna go home and write about it in my vlog.
by ManCandy1337 April 05, 2009
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