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Vinke means really mean and selfish person without a heart, like to her friends, family, and BFF's but if you are a boy Vinke, then your a really great guy who is really nice and cool most girl Vinkes think their the sun, and everyone else orbits her, and she loves to be in the spotlight. boys fall for her very easily, and many get there heart torn to pieces because a Vinke wants the best boys she can get.
"that vinke is so mean!"
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A Vinke is an incredibly nice person who loves to meet new people and become friends. She hates it when her friends can't forgive and forget her mistakes as she does to them. Lots of people think a Vinke is weird but if they knew her they'd be amazed of how nice she is. Sometimes, a Vinke can be incredibly mean to her siblings but even in the worst times she still loves them!
"OH , man look at that girl over there!"
"She looks so cute and she looks like shes having a great time with that other girl..."
"Wait didnt she just MEET that other girl...?"
"Yeah. So she must be a Vinke"
by dananananananabatmaaan October 21, 2017
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