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Someone who has cutest cheeks
Good sense of humour
Cute as hell
A beautiful soul with a funny nose

Trustworthy and curly hair

Pretty eyes

Smile that means the world

Good at relationship
She doesn’t needs to be perfect,she’s Viha
by Suhavijal January 11, 2018
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The name Vihas means Krishna or gentle. People named Vihas tend to associate themselves with the letter V. Whether it be walking in a V or eating V the letter V is important to them. They also form strong bonds in a relationship. They may act like the hate a partner but deep down they love him/her with every fiber. They also tend to have strong, intelligent, adaptable, athletic, kind, attractive

sibling. They are usually athletic and do well under pressure.
Chill boi: Hey who's that attractive man who happens to be walking like a sidewinder?
Dipa: Thats my future husband Vihas
by Drendus May 25, 2018
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