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Vid-Tard, Some one who only has a social life on on-line gaming, they often have few or no friends outside of gaming.
John is a vidtard because he only plays on-line with his on-line friends now that he has Call of Duty .4, and Halo 3 JOHN IS GAY!!!
by Matthew 101st airborne January 15, 2008
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Vidtard or Screentard is: person (usually feminist or naïve young person) talk about things they don’t understand or produce figments of the imagination, nonsensical gibberish, fabricated events and statistics that don’t exist. To criticise others and masculinity over YouTube making themselves looking retarded, brain dead or completely insane. Characterised by a lack of understanding of subject matter, indoctrination by pseudoscience, barefaced lies, ignorant drivel and belief systems that aren’t scientifically based, rational or even make sense.
1 “god this feminist is a Vidtard she has no idea what you talk about
by Cheeky Bastard Gaming Icon October 27, 2015
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