1. An widely used entertainment form which skyrocketed in the 80's and 90's
2. The things news reporters and stay-at-home moms blame for child violence as a scapegoat
3. One of the elite 4 things that are fun to do anymore (See also party, weed, and sex).
4. The source of many memes.
1. I used to play those old, retro video games in the 80's. They're a good challenge!
2. See? Because my son is playing violent video games like GTA V, that instantly makes him a serial killer!!!
3. Dude, video games are the only things that are fun anymore. Well, except for parties, weed, and sex.
4. Check out this dank video game meme I made on ImgFlip.
by A Potato-loving Cactus March 10, 2016
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A form of entertainment, involving fictional characters, fictional storylines, and, most usually, guns. Video games can be very fun, but too much use of a console or game can turn a gamer into a wordnerd/word. Video games are played on things called consoles, with things called controllers. The games used to be stored on cartridges, but thanks to today's technology, they are stored on discs.
Examples of classic video games are: Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Final Fantasy, Sonic, and HALO. Halo more than anything.
by Who Cares July 17, 2003
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something that makes you plant your buttocks on a comfortable couch and move thumbs violently around a controller- usually with at least one joystick.
I developed a severe case of tendonitis in my hands from playing my video game.
by marvin l. August 07, 2007
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Mindless box with which to waste life away. See also television
Man, I played video games for 15 hours strait last night. I can't even see anymore.
by Gemini Twin #2 November 05, 2005
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