-words vera- true & icon- image
true image

-in catholic tradition

-saint veronica

- veil of veronica

-also from berenice (pherein- brings, nikê- victory)
Veronica veils her life. Keeps always a distance. Everyone has a different impression on her. She bears secrets. Cannot be deceived. Emotionally awared at all times. Mysterious, passionate, a magnetic personality, fiery, loyal, dedicated, critical,withdrawn from the center of activity, watchful. She has the ability to get to the bottom of things. Others only get to know her up to a point, she chooses. Lively and sassy. Gets easily bored. Witchy woman.

A unicorn, but too hard to handle. Veronica makes a lot of men bitter and angry. It is not considered wise to date a man after he has dealt with Veronica, youll usually end up picking up the pieces...
by Lachesis February 04, 2010
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Top Definition
Generally ambitious, kind, caring, smart, loyal.
1. Can be self centered at times.
2. Doesn't know when to stop doing the wrong thing.
3. Can't read people very easily.
4. Can be randomly mean when she feels it is necessary.
5. An over-achiever at times but is too lazy for her own good.
If she is quiet, but loud, she is definitely a Veronica.
by s0ca1princessa April 14, 2008
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Veronica is an extraordinary girl in an ordinary world. She loves to dream about the so-called impossibilities and strives to change the world.
She loves color.
She loves to imagine.
She loves to read and write; her creative side takes over most of her world.
She often loves to make new friends but she can make your life a living nightmare if you get on her bad side and she won't hesitate to tell it to you like it is.

Veronica is an outspoken person who loves her friends and would die for every one of them.
Veronica wrote a new story today; I think she said it was a new dream she'd thought up.
by veronica26 August 18, 2008
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Veronica is a beyond gorgeous girl inside and out. She is very poised, but slightly clumsy at times. She can't take jokes very well sometimes, but loves to goof around with friends. She is very shy at first, but very outgoing once you get know her. People may call her weird, but in reality, she is just a naturally fun person that everyone loves to be around. She is too good for everyone because everyone else is ugly compared to her. She is very loyal and trustworthy. Once your her friend, she's got your back for life. She is not self-centered either, she is very humble. She is a great role-model and leader to all of those around her. But watch out, if you treat her the wrong way, she'll hate you forever and make your life a living hell. She also has soft hair and is an amazing singer.
Veronica is such a perfect person.

Look how hot Veronica is.

Look at that girl! She looks perfect, she must be a Veronica.

Veronica is angelic.

I wish I could be like Veronica.
by Gwendolyn Rochelle December 16, 2011
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Beautiful, smart, caring, and fiesty. The best friend you could ever have. One sexy woman!
Veronica is the best friend and the most amazing chica in the world
by kaka1980 February 02, 2010
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A fine and sexy female. It originated in Mexico from a group called "The Veronicas" that were beautiful women with lots of curves.
Jimmy: Man, there were some hot girls at the mall today
Josh: Yeah, I seen them there last week.
Jimmy: That one with the dark hair, now she's a Veronica!
by SummerOohSevenx3 June 23, 2007
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A beautiful person inside and out.
Tends to help people and tries their best no matter what
happens, is a great friend and loyal.
At times people may not know, that they are one of the best people they will ever meet.

Very ambitious and loves to dream.
Veronica is so awesome!!

Did you see how amazing Veronica is?
by Skater15 April 29, 2011
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