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French slang used by almost all youngsters especially in urban french areas. It consits in reversing the terms syllabe by syllabe, or even sometimes letter by letter. For exemple, the word "SPEED" is said "DEU-SPEE". This usually driving aldults who don't understand nuts. Verlan is an important thing to learn for people who wants to speak fluently french with teenagers.
Frenchizzle1: Téma le keumé comment il est gueudin wuisla il a pécho les meufs qu'on avait vu o Domac!!
Frenchizzle2: Sa reum on s'est fai rottca! Ce tarba va se péta les tasspés!! Des vraies lopsas lacelles!
by Altoz January 03, 2005
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French form of slang/dialect where sylables are muddled around. The French film La Haine (a French gangster film) even had to have subtitles in French when it was shwon to critics who may not have been able to speak 'Verlan'. Verlan is verlan for 'L'anvers', which means 'reverse' in French. Almost every word in some poor parts of Urban French cities are spoken in this slang.
by Kilo Lobo June 14, 2003
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