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Verannika is sexy, beautiful, and downright one of the most amazing people you could ever know. She's loving, a bit clingy but in an adorable way! She's insecure but she's amazing. She wishes that a boy might ask her out one day (unless she's already dating one of the 12 boys lined up to date her) She's hilarious and makes dirty jokes. She's athletic but not a showoff. She's a great friend and she can deal the best advice because she's gone threw a lot. She's very good hearted and she's really cool. She's always there for you! Anyone would be lucky to be friends with Verannika!
Guy 1: Hey, do you think I should ask her out?
Guy 2: Who, Verannika? I already was going to..
Guy 3: So was I!
by Name_Maker_3001 February 16, 2018
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Verannika is a pretty great name for a pretty great girl.. and for the first moments of knowing her she'll just seem like a funny, innocent girl. And then boom! She's a kinky bitch who wants dick in her mouth! But besides that, she's a really attractive girl with a great personality. Every girl named "Verannika" (spelt like that) that I've ever met has been one of the greatest girls I've ever met, and DEFINITELY the most attractive, down to her hourglass body. Any guy would be lucky to have her, let alone have her give oral(because every girl who's name starts with a "v" gives great head- trust me.) She's insecure, so if you date her she's loyal. So go on out! Find you a Verannika, and wife her up.
Guy 1: I really hope Verannika likes me back, she's so pretty.
Guy 2: Dude! No! I want her to sit on my lap so I can play with her hair.
Guy 3: She's mine!
by Name_generator_3002 September 14, 2019
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