Vaxport - noun, var. of vaxxport: A combo of a passport with a vaccination certificate/ added to it to confirm that ine us clear if the covid-19 virus, different from a regular issue passport. This is being proposed during the Covid -19 epiemnic.

There has been polarized reactions on social media consisting of those who are either up and arms citing the government of overarching individual sovereignty, while others who agree and experts in the field are lauding the benefits of safety and efficacy. However, there have been many injuries and deaths of persons accepting the vaccine, due to the lack of rigorous analysis and testing receive to confirm it.

In March 2021, The territory of New York is allegedly the first to mandate the first passport with an attached covid 19 clearance declaration of its kind.
Example: This is so messed up!
Fauci said we need this vaccines need this vaccine for our own good and the president believes him, too. that's not a good enough reason, who comes uo with a vaccine within a few months of a virus coming out? Now they are proposing that people to have in a a vaxport to prove before one travels. People who are well don't need vaccines but want to violate our right to choose, under the guide if doin it for our own good, we get screwed over every time. I know where all these people can stick those vaxxines and vaxports!
by Rheaah S. April 4, 2021
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