a little pacific island company, vanuatu was colonized by the spanish, french, and british over its history. it became independent in 1980, and it has seen coups and countercoups ever since. vanuatu is the ultimate tax haven and it has little business regulations. questionable companies tend to incorporate here.
kazaa is officially registered in vanuatu because this nation's gov't doesn't question its actions.
by Ben E. Hama February 03, 2007
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Tag teaming someone with a friend, where they think Friend #1 is unreasonable, pushing them to talk to Friend #2. Meanwhile, Friend #2 is the real unreasonable one, putting the person being Vanuatu'd into a state of shock.
"Remember that time we Vanuatu'd that bitch?"

"Yeah, she was so shook."
by Rackerberg July 28, 2019
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