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Any American born jackass that decides to defect to the Middle East to get his jihad on.
Craig: Hey Johnny. Why is Tone going to Syria?
Johnny Lovebone: I dunna know?... Probably just taking a vacation with Steve.
Craig: With kids???
Johnny Lovebone: Hell ya!!!
Craig: Wow! That's cool.
Johnny Lovebine: Damn right. I don't give a FUCK!!!
Craig: He is SOOOOOO gay.
Johnny Lovebone: Duh? Did you see his socks?
Craig: I sure did. What a homo. Looks like the vanilla isis will be utilising his mouth as a Guantanamo purse.
Johnny Lovebone: Ho Eazaaaay!!!
by Juan nutt April 14, 2015
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Any tax-payer funded Law enforcement office in the United States believed to be — misusing police resources, willfully denying citizens their civil rights; nominally abusing public trust by commiting threats of arrest; physical and sexual assault, corporal injury and even death.
"Vanilla ISIS raided my neighbor's house last night. To eschew the use of the front door hey drove a tank into the kitchen and shot their cat. Wrong house too.
by MhDoobs November 29, 2016
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