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the two ply area of the panty or thong where the female genitalia are nestled for the upmost comfort and support, the vajamock is the delta of the gooch if a woman were to have one. The main and significant purpose of the vajamock is to cover the vagina and provide a female with the confidence so the women wearing the vajamock is not in anyway frightened that and foul vaginal odors may be publicly discreeted hence the double vested area the vajamock also to hide the so called "camel toe", "meat curtain drapes", and or "roast beef".
vish: dude david i found your girls thong in my waste basket, and the vajamock had some nasty cream sauce in it.

tony: ew dude, i can smell that vajamock from a mile away!

david: dude sorry man i had to beat it up! i double wrapped and had a clothespin on my nose.

nathan: (in the background shoving his face into vajamock)
by T.N.D.N. February 19, 2011
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