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The act of giving a woman's vagina proper attention before an intimate act.

The equivalent to wining and dining a girl (dinner, movie)
"wooing" of the vag.
by knithappens October 10, 2011
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You know when two of your guy friends have that "special bond" (no homo). This is called a "bromance." A vagmance is the female version of a bromance.
AD: awww, i love you A
AY: i love you too!
AY: whats the word for a girl version of a bromance? bc i think we are involved in one right now hahaha
AD: we are definitely in a vagmance.
by goodmorninghaters July 18, 2011
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The female equivalent of a bromance; an exceptional but platonic relationship between two women.
Rosemary: Hey, I'm sorry, I have to call off our date- Vivian needs me.
Man 1: Okay, I guess.
Man 2: Dude, they are having such a vagmance.
by zelenskaya January 24, 2010
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