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The women's restroom or any domain that is off limits to males. Reference to the magical world of Narnia from the popular CS Lewis series "The Chronicles of Narnia".
The Men's room was full so I braved the mystical world of Vagarnia.
by BBM January 30, 2008
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The mystical realm of Vagarnia resides within Hazel's dense, bushy forest. It is said that it always smells of fish, and the nether regions of Cracknia can be entered from the other end.
"The purple train can be taken to Vagarnia," Connor M.
by Vagarnia May 28, 2014
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A pussy so large it leads to another dimension.
By the time the baseball team was done with Mckay, you could have lead an expedition to Vagarnia.
by 4head269 April 13, 2016
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