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The rise of the East Asian economies has dramatically increased expendable income for the expanding middle classes of the Little Dragons and their neighbors, allowing herds of Asian travelers to team up and swarm popular tourist destinations by the busload. This assertive mob of usually Chinese, Japanese, or Korean vacationers can be collectıvely referred to as a "vacasian."
Disgruntled Tourist: I was practically trampled by rampaging middle-aged Chinese women in Europe this summer... more vacasians no mortal has ever seen.
by woozlekadoozle April 13, 2011
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Also known as an Asian Vacation.

An extended Asian Party where several families will travel to a random vacation spot together. Each parent is armed with his/her own Nikon for extreme photo-taking, and will insist on taking group photos far too often, obstructing the paths of nearby non-tourists. Popular destinations are NYC, Cancun, Las Vegas, and Ivy League schools, but be prepared to run into a Vacasian group wherever you may be. Group size can range anywhere from 2 to 60+ families. Common Asian Party activities may still occur, such as card-playing and sunflower-seed eating. Asian kids may bring along their homework as to not fall behind the class valedictorian.
White friend A: hey what're you guys doing for break?
White friend B: not much, probably just going to visit my grandparents
Asian kid: giant Vacasian to San Francisco. Gonna have to bring my AP Calculus CD book to study for our next test though..
by Hola bologna January 02, 2013
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A vacasian is when an American takes time off from work to go to an Asian country with the purpose of using Asian women's fascination with American men to get laid multiple times with little or no effort.
Frank: Hey man I am going to need next week off, I'm going on a Vacasian.
John: Oh yeah where you headed this time?
Frank: Going to Thailand, going to hit about 10 chicks I've been talking to on myspace.
by Ercy August 27, 2009
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