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What Opra has named her vagina. It saves her the embarressment of actually saying "vagina". It is also something her long-time boyfriend, Stedman, hasn't seen in a while.
Opra's v-jay-jay prabably smells like moldy Stedman, and is filled with cobwebs.
by Shalitania Owens August 12, 2007
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Vjayjay as it is so often used is slang for the well known word vagina.
Not many people of the world use the term vjayjay.
as it is not well known yet it can be used infront of teachers
,freinds or workmates and it will leave them confused at what you just said.
hey jilly show us your vjayjay.
elliot you big vjayjay.
by tom cheshire July 02, 2008
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"Vagina" V-Jay Jay was used in Grey's Anatomy episode with Dr. Miranda Bailey, was about to give birth to her first born son. Dr. George O'Malley was helping Dr. Bailey and looking at her son's crown when it was coming out of the birthing canal.
"Stop staring at my V-Jay Jay!"
by mosu1971 May 24, 2007
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