A frequent misspelling of "v-tec", which is an acronym for Variable valve Timing and Electronic lift Control, which can be found on Honda B-series, H-series, and D-series motors. Vtech is a company that makes phones.
"y0 dawg, duz yo civic got a V TECH on it?"
"I just bought dis mad tyte V TECH sticker at autozone."
by JEFFT July 5, 2007
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v tech comes from virginia tech where a student went on a violent rampage killing other students. to go v tech on your school is to do the same thing as what happened at v tech
dude, that loser edward kid's gonna go v tech on this school some day
by 4rB1t3r April 12, 2008
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A parkahye wit a honda (especially civic) and takes glo-stix to raves
by Vahe haroutounian April 4, 2004
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A misspelling of VTEC - the Honda varirable valve timing technology. "V-Tech" is a brand of cordless phone, not an automotive technology.
Yo, I hear that whip is pretty fast - it has V-tech.
by Jeff McNeil August 10, 2005
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From the Virginia Tech Massacre;

To behave violently in such a manner to where you lose your composure and kill people.
Me Hey Shady, what are you going to do if you find the people that Narc'd on you?

Shady I'm going to go V-tech on their asses.
by Charlie384 May 1, 2007
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an abbreviation of Virginia Tech, the rockin-est kick a school that brought you Dietrick, the Drillfield, Michael Vick and sooo much more. GO HOKIES!
"and here's the National Football Champions, V-Tech!!"
by Amy Wilson September 15, 2005
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To go berserk and shoot every motherfucker in the room. Named after the worst spree killing in US history(as of yet).
"If you all don't shut the fuck up, Imma go V-Tech on all your asses!"
by Ean Frick April 25, 2007
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