just like saying 'you retard!' to your friends
used in a friendly manner


by blulovescab October 15, 2007
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a stupid rip off of a mexican with a 2 inch penis.
look its ben v (fat retard) the one pump chump
by Chaserawrxd69 March 4, 2019
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Mack Maine says "I exchange v-cards with the retards" in the song "Every Girl". He means that he does not discriminate, he likes all women.
Friend 1-"You see that girl over there?"
Friend 2-"Yea she's ugly, and looks a little retarded."
Friend 1-"I exchange V-cards with the retards."
Friend 2-"What?"
Friend 1-"I don't discriminate, I would fuck her. But now I'm thinking you're the retard."
by Indiscriminate May 18, 2010
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