An insult for somebody of the age of intercourse who remains a virgin.
Oi, v boy, when you gonna lose your virginity like?
by Rave blud September 18, 2008
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In the 21th century there rose a sub-culture know as V Boys. While it is directly associated with people who still own and actively play virtual boy, I has expanded to include Gamers who play Nintendo retro cult classic.
Yesterday I was buying a game at the store and overheard some V-boys trying to explain why Z-buffering in the Nintendo 64 was far Superior of an achievement then peripheral free gaming.
by NinTenDooooo January 13, 2011
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A group of some young niggas wildin’ Out.
You heard them V Boys flipped her in the back of the Benz?
by Runupyougethitbitch April 13, 2019
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An immature adolescent man child, with a propensity towards arrogance and an abundantly douchey nature. Can normally be spotted in the wild vaping (hence the V) with a flat brimmed hat turned backwards and Kyle worthy sunglasses. Reeking of name brand body spray and succulent vape juice, they can usually be found hiding under the huge clouds they often brag about, but ward off the opposite sex. Which is fine, because they don't need them anyway.
V Bois, we do what we want.
by Fire Tech September 12, 2019
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A Vietnamese male living outside of Vietnam. V-Boy's tend to wear track pants and have North Face jackets. They usually have blonde highlights in their hair as well. Typically males that possess Vietnamese steorotypes are considered V-boys.
Person 1: Yo man, are you chinese or what?

Person 2: I'm a straight up V-Boy yo.
by QngUYen September 23, 2007
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Wild Man, Violent if His situation arises, Loves to party, Beast in Scuffles or Fights, Ladies Man most importantly, Gigolo.
That Dude a Real V-Boy; He busted someone's head at the party and left wit' All dey Hoe's. Then they paid Him!
by Da' Illist Trillist V-Boy October 1, 2011
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A male virgin (typically college-aged) who brags about the fact that he's a virgin publicly and often tries to use this in an attempt to pick up chicks. However, this is often ultimately unsuccessful often leading this vboy to become a 40 year old "v-man."
"Hey. Are girls generally into older guys?"
"How about you?"
"Uhh..i guess"
"Check out all these ads on e-harmony with all these virgins looking for dates. GLAD TO SEE I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE!"
"Leave me alone v-boy...I aint right about to be your v-girl"
by ewvboys April 11, 2010
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