a female who is single and has gone through the child birth process once or several times can be referred to as "used goods"
Albert: "I heard that girl Dave is dating has 2 kids"
Jimmy: "yah, i dont know why the hell he's wasting his time with used goods, what a sap"
by Richard Seinen August 5, 2007
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The idea of treating yourself well everyday. Reportedly uttered by singer Barry Manilow after an earthquake destroyed his entire collection of fine china.
by yes juanito yes October 12, 2014
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A recurring douchebag catchphrase used to summarize one's contempt for mainstream music, often in a narrow-sighted, nitpicking sort of manner. Instead of making an effort to find better songs and sticking with them, those of the douchebag kind usually throw all music into a slop bucket of discontent, grouping together genres and artists that could actually be liked by them if given a chance.
Tony: There are a few artists nowadays I don’t like.

Brad: Yeah, all music sucks now. Remember when music used to be good?
by PizzaGoblin August 8, 2017
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