A name attributed to a typical Swiss guy, originally a native inhabitant of the Canton of Grisons.
With his blonde hair and beard he has an almost Scandinavian appearance, but due to his Romansh accent he is often mistaken for an Italian.
His diet consists mainly of swiss grain bread, commonly known as “Körndlibrot” and wine. For extreme situations he always keeps an emergency stash of Cantucci. Under the influence of alcohol however he likes to devour his girlfriend Maria.
Under Sober circumstances, he is very lively, talkative and humorous. He can be enthusiastic, charming and very cheerful as long as he gets his way. Otherwise he tends to be easily offended, stubborn and enraged, which he shows by simply turning his head red and cursing in his almost cute accent. To sum up his personality, one could say that his spirit resembles the one of a Capricorn which is the mascot of his home state Grisons. Coincidence? We beg to differ.
Besides his studies he enjoys keeping fit and judging others for their inability to do push-ups, which is often followed by a push-up challenge to demonstrate his single-hand push-ups.
His many interests include Bitcoin, Banking and Finance, Army stuff, Aircrafts, Gin and Wine. His knowledge of the latter makes him a true “Connaisseur”.
Though his ego is definitely big enough, we must mention his awesomeness and his extraordinary leadership skills. One can be lucky to call him a friend.
<<Ursin - what would you like for breakfast?>>
<<Some Körndlibrot please>>
by Looper96 June 29, 2018
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